Package org.springframework.extensions.webscripts

Interface Summary
TestWebScriptServer.Response A Web Script Test Response

Class Summary
JaxRSUriIndexTest Test Jax-RS Uri Template
TestRemoteStore JUnit test for Remote Store REST API.
TestWebScriptServer Stand-alone Web Script Test Server
TestWebScriptServer.DeleteRequest Test DELETE Request
TestWebScriptServer.GetRequest Test GET Request
TestWebScriptServer.MockHttpServletResponseResponse Test Response wrapping a MockHttpServletResponse
TestWebScriptServer.PatchRequest Test PATCH Request
TestWebScriptServer.PostRequest Test POST Request
TestWebScriptServer.PutRequest Test PUT Request
TestWebScriptServer.Request A Web Script Test Request
WebScriptExceptionTest Unit test to test Web Script API
WebScriptFormatReaderTest Unit test to test Web Script API
WebScriptViewResolverTest Unit tests for Web Script view resolvers

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